Once you have yielded responsibility, you have yielded the ability to make change – DALE SCRIVEN


Hello.  My name is Dale Scriven and I am the leader of HeadChamp.com.  

I am a 43 year old “being” who is passionate about cooking & eating real food, exercising, innovating, socializing, meditating, inventing products and playing brain games.  I have two wonderful loving parents, a wife, daughter and two cousins who are practically my sisters.  I am native to the Washington D.C. metropolitan area and I love PEOPLE!



As a young kid, I was inspired by seeing my father draw architectural drawings with precision and pride.  This constant vision inspired me to study Architecture.  Before you know it, I found myself in the School of Architecture at Howard University.  Dale Baby Picture revDuring my tenure at Howard University (1991-1995) I was enlightened to discover that Architects are more than designers, Architects are problem solvers.  A good Architect is able to empathize with people, make life easier and contribute to a better society.

During my last year in Architecture school and just before graduating in 1995, I had the desire to do more than just design homes or buildings.  I wanted to help human beings on a large scale.  As I interacted with family and friends, I noticed illness was a common theme as people aged. I would then learn that my Aunt Alice had Alzheimer’s disease.This empathetic learning moment prompted me to create my first solution.  I created a brain game (Mind Fizzle). Upon learning that brain exercise can play a role in fighting Alzheimer’s, I had to take the risk and dedicate my time and resources towards helping fight this nasty disease.

Putting it all Together

In 2008, I was working with children, young adults, and senior citizens at coffee shops and local libraries teaching about the importance of brain exercise.  Upon further investigation, I notice that a limited number of people were living WHOLISTICALLY as
dale_familyit pertained to mind, brain and body health.  For example, some would perform brain training tasks but their diet, exercise, and stress management skills would be less than optimal.  Others would have great diets, but lack exercise and brain stimulating activities.

I decided to encompass all of my experience and life learned skills to help people become more optimal. I am passionate about sharing my experiences.

  • Graduate Architect and PMP Certified Project Manager.
    • Manage STRESS in a high stakes, high money environment
    • Allow the process of creativity flow
    • Create structure so your work and life become easier to manage
  • Inventor of two Brain Games (Spelling Game, Card Match System).
    • Embrace problem solving
    • Allow creativity to create “something from nothing”
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tein Shan Pai Kung Fu and Tai Chi practitioner.
    • Manage thoughts in the midst of chaos
    • Discover new physical heights though physical & mental exercise
  • Grass roots Chef of Brain Foods.
    • Create foods that heal, energize and promotes weight loss
    • Use nutrition science to synergistically create foods that taste good and are healthy
  • Mediation & Yoga practitioner.
    • How to be the master of SELF
    • How to live in the moment and allow your true SELF to manifest

Why the HeadChamp.com Blog & Podcast?

During my teaching and training sessions, I noticed that people were starving for information and seeking knowledge on how they could make their life more robust and successful.  As I witnessed a frenzy of people seeking knowledge about the mind, brain, body connection I was compelled  to start a Blog and Podcast.

The HeadChamp.com Blog & Podcast is a home that provides knowledge about an integrative approach to mental wellness.  The mantra of the website is, “A FAST Life equals a Great Brain.  FAST is an acronym for Food, Activity, Stress and Training.  These dynamic four are called the “Brain Echo System.”.  HeadChamp.com promotes the necessity to practice balance of these four important components (Food, Activity, Stress, Training) in order to live the ultimate life.

I sincerely hope you find the information on the website and Podcast beneficial.  I look forward to forming a friendship with you as we go through life’s journey together.


Dale Scriven


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