Brainiac Crab Cake with Spelt Pasta

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The Brainiac Crab Cake with Spelt Pasta












This is one of my favorite recipes.  I call it the Braniac Crab Cake because of the nice dose of cumin and healthy fat.  Cumin is a proven spice that benefits brain health.  This recipe also uses coconut milk which contains the healthy fats associated with good brain health.  Did I mention this meal is absolutely delicious and extremely tasty.  The Branic Crab Cake with Spelt Past is simply and quick to make.  Prep and cook time is approximately 30 minutes.

It is important to note that wholesome, all natural, organic ingredients are always preferred when making meals good for the mind and body.


Crab Cake

  • 8 oz  – Wild Caught Canned Lump Crab Meat
  • 2 tbsp – Organic Avocado Oil
  • 1 – Large Egg (Preferably Organic Free Range)
  • 4 Sprigs – Spring Onions
  • 1 Heaping tbsp – Organic Cumin Seeds
  • 1 Heaping tbsp – Organic Smoked Paprika
  • Sea Salt (preferred taste)
  • Freshly Cracked Black Pepper (preferred taste)


  • 1 – Small Bunch of Spelt Pasta
  • 1 – Can Organic Whole Coconut Milk
  • 1/4 Cup – Seafood Broth
  • 1 Clove – Garlic
  • 1/2  Cup – Mushrooms
  • 1 – Large Organic Leek
  • 1- Large Bunch of Tarragon
  • 1 – Large Bunch of Basil


Let start with the crab cake. Mix all the following in a mixing bowl.

  1. Cut the Spring Onion into 1/8″ sections
  2. Finely grind the Cumin Seeds (freshly ground seeds always have more flavor)
  3. Beat 1 egg
  4. Add the Avocado Oil, Smoked Paprika, Sea Salt and Black Pepper
  5. Add Crab Meat and mix all the ingredients with your hands
  6. Form crab cakes into balls.  8 oz of crab meat makes approximately 4 medium sized balls
  7. Pre oil an over ready skillet (I use a black iron skillet) with the Avocado Oil.  I like Avocado Oil because of its health properties and ability to withstand high heat.
  8. Place the crab balls onto the skillet
  9. Pre heat over to 375 degrees
  10. Place skillet in the oven for 25 minutes on the rack closest to the heat source.

While the crab cakes are getting ready in the oven, you can take this time to prepare the pasta.

  1. In a large pot boil approximately 4 cups of water
  2. Once water is boiling add pasta and boiler for 6 minutes
  3. After boiling, strain the pasta and set to the the side.
  4. NEXT – Cut 4 inches of the Leek into approximately 1/8″ sections
  5. Cut the mushrooms into approximately 1/8″ sections
  6. Add approximately 2 tbsp of Avocado Oil to an aluminum clad skillet (try not to use a traditional non stick skillet)
  7. Heat oil and add Garlic and Leeks.
  8. Cook leaks until slightly browned.
  9. Add Mushrooms and cook until slighting browned
  10. Deglaze the Garlic, Leek, Mushroom mixture by adding the Seafood Broth the skillet.
  11. Continue to cook the mixture until the broth is reduced.  Add a pinch of salt and pepper while the mixture reduces.
  12. Finally, add 1/2 can of the Coconut Milk.  This will add a sweetness to the meal that is spectacular.
  13. Add fresh Tarragon and Basil and let the Coconut-Broth mixture simmer for a few minutes.
  14. After simmering, add your strained spelt noodles directly to the skillet and allow all the ingredients to maturate.


  1. Add the pasta mixture to a bowl.
  2. Add the Crab Cake on top and garnish with fresh Tarragon and Basil
  3. Finish with fresh cracked pepper to your liking

Please tell me what you think about this meal.  I love the combination of the smokey paprika, matched with stark taste of cumin balanced by the sweetness of the coconut milk.

Happy Eating.  Remember, A FAST life = A Great Brain

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