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Change Your Brain Concept

Take Your Brain MEDicine

The Brain Can Change Brain Games!  Exercising the brain can change the neural pathways via a scientific term coined neuroplasticity.  Neuroplasticity destroys the notion that the brain is static and is stuck in its evolution to develop based on activities, environment, diet, behavior or bodily injury.  The synapses in your brain can change and develop […]

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Play is Important

A few months ago, I purchased a book at Marbles the Brain Store in Annapolis, Maryland.  The title of the book was Play written by Dr. Stuart Brown.  The book is absolutely captivating. Dr. Stuart Brown is medical doctor, Psychiatrist, clinical researcher and founder of the National Institute for Play.  Dr. Brown highlights the importance […]

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Minimal Meditation

There isn’t a day that goes by to where one should not meditate.  Mediation through the management of breath control allows us to manage our lives and opposed to having life manage us.  I know, we are often pressed for time, busy, in a rush and rapidly moving to the next task.  Bottom line, we […]

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Breathing Basics

In order to survive, you have to breathe.  Breathing is something that we do 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Ok, I know that wasn’t mind blowing information but I think breathing is something that we take for granted. You were automatically born with the knowledge of knowing how to breathe (this is […]

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