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Nuclear plant in canola field

Canola Oil Beware

What Exactly is Canola Oil? Canola Oil is an oil used as a food, moisturizer, and lubricant. It is made from the crushed seeds of the Canola plant.  The original botanical name of the Canola plant is the Rapeseed plant.  The difference between the original Rapeseed plant and the modern Canola plant is the content […]

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Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Brain Fries

I love “Sweet Potato Brain Fries”.  It’s easy to make, tasty, nutritious and delicious. In order to make these delicious fries, you only need a few ingredients. Please note, all ingredients should be organic in order to receive the full health benefits. One Large Sweet Potato Three generous table spoons of Coconut Oil One teaspoon […]

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I thought an egg was just an egg!

Which Egg is Better for your Brain?

The Million Dollar Question to purchasing an egg! Brown eggs, organic eggs, pasture-raised eggs, white eggs– Why are there so many choices to buying a simple  egg. Have you ever spent more than five minutes in front of the egg section in the grocery store, wondering what the difference is between a brown organic egg […]

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