Sweet Potato Brain Fries

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Sweet Potato FriesI love “Sweet Potato Brain Fries”.  It’s easy to make, tasty, nutritious and delicious.

In order to make these delicious fries, you only need a few ingredients. Please note, all ingredients should be organic in order to receive the full health benefits.

              • One Large Sweet Potato
              • Three generous table spoons of Coconut Oil
              • One teaspoon of Curry
              • One clove of Garlic
              • One sprig of Rosemary
              • One teaspoon of freshly ground Black Pepper
              • One teaspoon of freshly ground Sea Salt

Great Ingredients Guarantee a Great Meal

Sweet Potato is high in vitamin B6 which helps the reduce the hoocysteine.  Homocysteine is a chemical linked to degenerative diseases.  Vitamin B6 has be linked to the reduction of heart attacks.  Anything good for the heart is good for the brain.

Coconut Oil is a health saturated fat.  For this reason, I prefer to cook with Coconut Oil because it will not oxidize under normal cooking conditions.  Unlike mono or poly unsaturated fats, high heat can oxidize the oil making the oil rancid.

Yellow Curry can contain a cornucopia of ingredients to include turmeric, fenugreek, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, mustard seed, cayenne pepper or cardamom.  Turmeric is a powerful inflammatory anti oxidant that has been shown to be effective in fighting Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Rosemary has been linked to improved cognitive performance.

Pre heat your over to 400 degrees.  Take one large Sweet Potato and cut into wedges.  Spread the wedges on a baking sheet.  Add the Coconut Oil, Curry Powder, Minced Garlic, Rosemary, Black Pepper and Sea Salt to a small pot and simmer under low to medium heat for 5-10 minutes. Simmering the ingredients will allow all of the volatile oils in the ingredients to release it’s magnificent flavor into the coconut oil.  After simmering, liberally brush the mixture onto your wedges.

Place the baking into the oven and bake for 42 minutes.  (Optional but recommended) For another 3 minutes, change the oven to low broil in order add a nice crisp to your fries.  Add fries to a small bowl and garnish with fresh rosemary and a small sprinkle of salt.



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